An impoverished college student accidentally kills a car-full of sorority girls when a prank goes too far.



What's a girl with everything to lose to do? 

Skip town with train-hopping Crust-Punks of course!

(The student loans where piling up anyway)

An anarchistic journey into the underbelly of American college life, Punk and the privileged. 

Trains To Hell Go Faster is ripe for adaptation and streaming production. 

Reachable to a wide demographic. If parents, Gen X-ers and Baby-boomers want to know what in tarnation is going on with the youth (which they do)... this book serves as their guide. 

Literally, it has footnotes. 

A modern-high-stakes-existential-action-adventure likened to older-tales of yore. 

Vile. Taboo, everything your mom warned you about. Stay in school kids?!

Trains To Hell Go Faster

A Novel


Gimme Coffee Or Death - Mischief Brew
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