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Zoetic Stage GringoLandia 1 (Gabriell Salgado, James Puig, Yarelis Gandul, Alicia Cruz, St


Returning to the country he escaped from 50 years ago, a man returns to Cuba in search of a family heirloom. Accompanied by his non Spanish-speaking son and fluent daughter, the family commences on a journey of closure, truth, and an examination of their cultural identities.

2M, 2 W

1 musician

English & Spanish Language\

Production History

Zoetic Stage - World Premiere


GringoLandia” provides plenty of proof that [Benitez] is the real deal, that the excitement surrounding her work is justified."

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"If you have a funny bone and are a member of a family, chances are you will value Hannah Benitez’s relatable, hilarious, eye-opening new play with music, "GringoLandia." Certainly, you do not have to know Spanish or be well-versed in politics pertaining to Cuba to appreciate the piece. One impressive thing about "GringoLandia" is that Benitez exposes the ugliness without diving into depression. Quite the contrary, the play is lighthearted without making light of Cuba, its people, and the island nation's problems."

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